Private tours more economical than bus tours?

Author: Emma Walker

Created On: Wed 30 May 2012 @ 13:12



Recently we have had a lot of enquiries interested in seeing the cost of a private car versus a large group

tour.  People have been surprised that in the majority of circumstances, it was actually more economical to

hire a private guide/driver for a bespoke day tour, rather than pay for individual seats on a large bus tour.


Also we have found that now many cruise ship passengers are connecting with other passengers prior to

their sailing on discussion boards like CruiseCritic, and grouping together to either hire a private guide for

the day or for their door to door transfer whether from an airport or hotel.

So don’t discount hiring a private guide as a travel luxury you can’t afford as you may find that a small,

customized private tour can actually end up being cheaper,the benefits are endless, the obvious being that you

are not on a coach!!! A private tour will offer you flexibility and spontaneity and also if time was short allow

you time to see some of our wonderful country where a regimented large tour would not.


So book a tour with our informative and friendly guides and let us share with you our love of Britain.


Some of our local guides??!!